Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Internet is a Gold Mine. Just Dig It!

It was not so long ago when I thought that the internet was just full of scams and that it was impossible to make money by working online. It was not until I earned my first cent when I finally realized that there is money in the internet. Yes, you read it right. I earned my first cent by clicking ads. It's not much but it somehow showed me the way to financial freedom. I'm not there yet but I'm getting there. And the best part is that you can too!

There are millions or even billions of opportunities online that we don't even know yet. Some might even come your way but you just let it slip through your fingers. Some might just be right under your nose and yet you just stare right through them, not noticing a thing. We are missing a lot of things right now and the fact of the matter is that some internet gurus hide all these information from us. Why? Think of it this way. If you have just hit the jackpot in a $100-million-dollar lottery, would you be telling the whole world about it? I guess not. Chances are, you would probably keep it to yourself, pack up, and sail away to the Bahamas.

So how do you actually get to that gold mine? Start digging! Just be careful not to step on a bomb mine instead. Let us not forget about the scammers who are trying to rip you out of your hard earned money and the other jerks who are taking advantage of our ignorance. It may take a lot of research, practice, and trial and error before you can slowly understand the worldwide web and the money behind it. In my experience, I have read a lot of articles and blogs of renowned internet marketers, gurus, and the like, who still give a damn about us, amateurs. I have tried online jobs in freelance sites, joined forums about making money online, and several others. In the process, you'll lose some but I believe you'll gain a lot more.


khassandra said...

Yes, you're right. Now, I'm already earning more money online than my monthly salary (my day job). Trying to double or triple that amount so I could finally work at home full time. Wish me luck! :-)