Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Setting Up My Google Adsense Account

I've just opened an account in Google Adsense. From what I've heard, it's one way of earning money from your website. But you need to have good traffic in order to earn a substantial amount. I don't expect to earn a lot from it as I don't expect a lot of readers in my blog but I do wish it will happen someday. All I can do for now is just to take it one step at a time. After all, it takes a seed to grow a tree (in this case, a money tree!).

I know a lot of you might ask the question, "How do you earn money with Google Adsense?". Well basically, Google Adsense is an online advertising by Google. It displays the ads on your website based on the website content. So if your blog is about health and fitness, then the ads shown on your website may be from online stores selling herbal medicine, body building equipments, ebooks on diet or other stuffs related to health and fitness. When your visitors or readers click on those ads, then you get paid for it (commonly known as pay-per-click). If you want to know more about Google Adsense, you can just Google it! lol...